Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Scientology and Asking Dr Science

I knew it had to happen somewhere at some time. I'm leaping for joy right now at learning that a Belgian prosecutor, after an exhaustive 10-year investigation is taking Scientology to task for extortion and fraud and moving to have them officially declared a criminal organization. About time I say!!!! What amazes me just as much about this notorious cult/money-making scam is the high-profile adherents that it's successfully brainwashed, ranging from the none-too-bright Tom Cruise to a brilliant jazz musician like Chick Corea, soul music legend Isaac Hayes, plus John Travolta to name but a few. It's known that to pursue Scientology runs on the average of OVER $100,000 a year. Their deceptive methods of recruiting are the stuff of legend (the "personality tests" they approach people with on the street for instance). And good 'ol L. Ron Hubbard, the group's founder had a rather checkered past, among other things, having been reprimanded and relieved of command authority in the Navy for gross incompetence, being involved in Satanism and associated with Aleister Crowley, writing 5th-rate hack science fiction before finally coming to the realization that he could make a ton of money by starting a religion. Thus he did. Over the years, Scientology became not only famous for it's sci-fi themed theology but also infamous for its ruthlessness in trying to silence its critics through outrageous libel/slander lawsuits, threats and intimidation etc. Even though L Ron has been dead since 1986, this insidious cult continues to prey on people. Read the latest on this development HERE, courtesy of Associated Press.

Ask Dr. Science!

Ahhh yes, the continual and diverse comic genius of one Merle Kessler shows another facet. A feature on NPR for some time and STILL being broadcast in some quarters and over the web, 'Ask Dr Science" is the hilarious radio program that rushes in where rational science fears to tread. Featuring the world's foremost authoritarian on matters scientific, Dr. Science answers your questions with anything-but-incisive pompous monologues, skewered scientific factoid and outright disregard for academic conventions altogether. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to try repeating the infamous Pons/Fleischmann Cold Fusion Experiments of 1989! Have I got you curious? Check out the complete Dr. Science Website for more sordid details. You'll love it!

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